High Five #MilanUdinese | AC Milan Official

11.12.2014, 14:30

Guarda le cinque giocate più belle delle sfide tra rossoneri e friulani disputate a San Siro. Dallo storico rigore di Billy Costacurta alle prodezze in area di rigore di Shevchenko ed El Shaarawy, senza dimenticare il sinistro magico di Serginho e il volo plastico di Abbiati.Watch 5 of the best moments from recent matches between the rossoneri and the bianconeri at the San Siro. From Billy Costacurta's historic penalty, to the solo efforts from Shevchenko and El Shaarawy, without forgetting the magical left foot strike by Serginho and the flying save from Abbiati.Music: AC/DC — Play BallThis is the official Youtube channel dedicated to A.C. Milan with live streaming, videochat, interviews, match highlights, exclusive videoclips and much more.Website: http://www.acmilan.com/Season Tickets: http://www.acmilan.com/abbonamenti/Store: http://store.acmilan.com/Official Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/acmilanWebtv: http://milantime.acmilan.com/Top Videos: http://goo.gl/AITdcR

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